Pane-Joyce Genealogy
Dave Pane-Joyce
Aug 2015
previous update Jul 2014

About this report
This report includes ancestors and their near relatives from New England, New York, Ohio, and Michigan, as well as some a few in England and many in the Netherlands. I started posting this report on the web in 1997, and I repost it from the Reunion database about once or twice a year.

Feel free to link to this page. I will periodically update the pages from the database, so the individual pages will not be stable, but this one will always be here.

Presentation and goals
Presentation. I would like to present information in an easy-to-read format, hyperlinked across families.

Inclusiveness. Of course I'm most interested in ancestors, but other related people are important, too. For one thing, I'm likely to come across them again as I delve into other lines. More importantly, if you're interested in my ancestors, then you're also interested in some of their descendants who aren't my ancestors. I've come up with four classes.

primaryancestorsdetailed genealogical and biographical
secondarysiblings, aunts and uncles,
other spouses of ancestors
genealogical and biographical
tertiarycousins, nephews and nieces, in-lawsgenealogical: names, years, etc.
quaternarysecond cousinsgenealogical

I actively search for information on people in the primary and secondary classes, but include whatever I happen upon for those in the tertiary and quaternary classes. In any case, in the reports adjacent classes are hard to distinguish since I have a lot yet to uncover. Usually, I don't make separate entries for second cousins, but just enter what information I find on them under their parents' entries. Frequently, one or more of these second cousins has married a closer relative and, so, gets his or her own entry. Individuals who don't have their own entry also don't have index entries, but they can be found on web search engines.

References. I try to give citations to information I present. The sources that I use are footnoted where I use them. It would be nice to have all citations to primary sources such as vital records, but that takes time to access, so many citations are to secondary sources such as books on family genealogies. Some information has no citation given. That means I've seen it somewhere (perhaps on the web); it may just be hearsay, but it may be well-informed, and I don't know which. At least it bears investigation.

Corrections. Much of the material is correct, but I continue to find errors of substance that I try to correct. If you come across an error of substance, I'd be glad to be corrected. There are also numerous typos. I'll correct them as I come across them, but please don't bother yourself with correkting me on typos.

This Pane-Joyce report has been prepared by Dave Pane-Joyce. Bobbi Schirado, his sister, has done the original research on the more recent generations in Michigan, Ohio, and New York; and Dave, her brother, the research on the more remote generations. Please access the contact page for more information.

D. Pane-Joyce
Aug 2015
Created with the reluctant help of Reunion,
from Leister Productions, Inc.