Town of Charlton

New Topographical Atlas of Saratoga County, New York

Stone & Stewart Publ., Philadelphia, 1866

The town of Charlton is located in the southwest corner of Saratoga County. It is bounded on the east by the town of Ballston, on the north by the town of Galway, on the west by Montgomery County, and on the south by Schenectady County. The population of Charlton in 1865 was 1589.

This map is on page 15 of the Atlas. There are separate insets for two of the more built up parts of town, namely for Charlton P. O. and for West Charlton P.O.

Transcription of the names on the map. A transcription of the names is useful for two reasons. First, sometimes the words are not too easy to read on the scanned map. Second, you can search the transcription of names, then find the name on the map.

This list of names is given § by §. North of Charlton P.O., the town is §ed into north-south strips numbered 5 through 13. South of Charlton P.O., the town is §ed roughly into squares, numbered from 1 through 19, and one unnumbered §. The list begins in the north, from west to east, then in the south, both by § number. Within each §, names are listed roughly from north to south.

Thirteenth allotment in the northern part of town.

South portion of town

Southern section (unnumbered):

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